FUD: What it is and how to steer clear from it


What is FUD?

How FUD Influences You

FUD in the Crypto Industry

  • Cryptocurrencies are labelled as an elaborate Ponzi scheme.
  • The tech behind crypto is questioned regarding its reliability.
  • Often individuals discussing cryptocurrencies are fed the idea that the industry is a bubble that will burst within a few days.

Ways to Protect Yourself From FUD

(Source: Blocklr.com)
  • Analysing the source of the information and ascertaining the credibility of the source
  • Checking about the genuine information on the website, newsletter, or any other media platform, of the company whose product is under question.
  • Reading and thoroughly analyzing articles that discuss the happening to get an overall view of what might be the truth.
  • Delay forming a decision if you are not content with the information you find on the internet. Decisions made with shallow and superficial information are counterproductive to the process.

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