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Dr. Vin Menon is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain evangelist, and strategic advisor. Dr. Vin has overseen many successful exits in the tech, fintech, and MedTech spaces, thanks to his passion for technology and innovation, and years of unwavering effort. His most celebrated exit was to a Japanese conglomerate in 2011.

Dr.Vin has been recognised for his proven track record of establishing motivated and high-caliber teams in the technology and services industries, establishing development centres from the ground up to scale, and building company competencies.

‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2012’

by Rotary-ASME

‘Outstanding Entrepreneur Award 2011’

 by APEA

‘Spirit of Enterprise 2010’

 by SOE Singapore

‘Leading Indian Entrepreneur of the Year 2010’

 by the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce

In 2010, he served as the Vice-Chairman and Honorary Secretary of the Cloud Computing Chapter (CCC) EXCO under Singapore Information Technology Federation (SiTF). Dr. Vin also served on the Board of Directors of the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) and the Mentoring Programme under Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) by SPRING Singapore, and co-founded MindWave Solutions, serving as its Managing Director from 2005 to 2015.

Today, Vin helps companies with their accelerator/venture programs and advises them on blockchain solutions. He is currently the Co-founder and Strategic Advisor for:

South Asia's first POSI-insured, Bitcoin-denominated, and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)-regulated open-ended fund.
Τhe world’s first fully insured
hybrid trading platform
A turnkey marketing and blockchain advisory company for businesses looking to leverage blockchain tech.

In addition to overseeing multiple ventures, he also serves as the Blockchain Advisor for:

A blockchain-based platform set-up to create equality in health insurance and protection
A publicly-traded Nevada-based company that engages in Defi, blockchain, crypto, and NFT initiatives via acquisitions and partnerships
A FinTech software development Delaware company engaged in providing cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency mining, and custody services.

Blockchain For Good

Dr. Vin has been a passionate supporter of blockchain technology as a disruptive force to transform the world’s social constructs. A frequent speaker at international podiums, Vin advocates blockchain as a tool to reduce inequality amongst people, ensure sustainable production and consumption of products, and promote healthy life and wellbeing for all.

Dr. Vin has a philanthropic perspective on blockchain technology and its applications for the greater good. Through his business partnerships, Vin aims to develop technology solutions and inspire business leaders to implement and use blockchain.

Dr. Vin has recently published a book titled Blockchain for Good: How Blockchain is Solving Sustainable Development Goals, providing a comprehensive overview of blockchain tech and its applications in food, health, shelter, education, economic growth, environmental challenges, and social issues. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of tech, sustainability, and social impact.

Early Years

In the fishing port of Malappuram – an Indian state of Kerala – young Vin held screwdrivers and wrenches in both of his hands, dismantling and reassembling objects to understand what they’re made of and how they work. Fascinated with technology and science from a young age, Vin embarked on his entrepreneurship journey at the tender age of 12.

‘While his friends were busy playing action figures, young Vin was busy selling science magazine subscriptions to his fellow students. In 3 years he went from mere 3 subscriptions to 160. This was clearly a success’…

Reflecting later, Dr. Vin says ‘I really was just interested in creating something new out of nothing.’ He would then spend his subscription earnings on books, magazines, and gadgets, trying to learn more about science and information technology.

For Vin, life was never easy as a child. Seeing his father struggle as a businessman, motivated him to pursue his passions and keep moving ahead in life, in search of a better life. With his father’s lessons in perseverance and determination, Vin started his academic journey in Kerala, graduating with a diploma in computer engineering. Shortly after, he moved to Lucknow and eventually to Delhi, working under HCL, a global IT enterprise. But that wasn’t enough, Vin simultaneously pursued a degree in computer science which landed him a systems engineer job in Unicorp – a company that introduced Compaq to India.

Vin kept rising the success ladder while moving places – from India to South Africa, and to Singapore in 2000.

Besides being a successful tech entrepreneur, Vin is also a certified hypnotherapist, and likes to drive off-road in his beloved vehicle called ‘Humvee.’ A philanthropist and visionary at heart, you can almost touch the aura of calmness and composure around him.

‘I would like people to remember me as a positive person who wishes to inspire and motivate others, especially our young professionals, to maintain a good set of morals and values and to keep disciplined in their chosen field of endeavors.’


Vin completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications from India, with first-class honors.

He holds two Advanced Management Program (AMP) Degrees – one from NTU-Berkeley (Haas Business School, California) and the other from The Wharton School (University of Penn, USA ), specialized in Finance, and

He has also obtained an EMBA from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

Lastly, he completed his Ph.D. in Blockchain for Impact in Healthcare from Medicina Alternativa (Alma Alta – 1962).

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